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Yes, GoToMeeting is boring! If you are looking for an alternative to GoToMeeting that keeps
your audience engaged, looks great and offers new features every month, try OnSync.
We offer a free version. You'll never look back.

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This is not a time limited trial, this account is absolutely free. Have a look how we compare to GoToMeeting and scroll down to see what customers that have already made the switch are saying.

GoToMeeting vs OnSync: GoTo Meeting gotomeeting alternative  
Video conferencing No High Quality  
Screen sharing Basic Advanced  
Remote control Basic Advanced  
Multimedia file presenting NO YES  
Beautiful interface NO YES  
Access control NO YES  
Whiteboard Basic Advanced  
Recording Only slides/audio Everything  
Branding Basic Advanced  
Free version Not available   Sign up for free    

No payments or credit card info is required to start using OnSync for free. Your account will have a capacity of 3 concurrent users.

Do you like what you see but need larger capacity or special features? Are you interested in enterprise purchase options? Contact our sales team, we offer OnSync in all shapes and sizes.


See what other GoToMeeting users said that switched to OnSync.

Before switching we evaluated all other webconferencing software, OnSync is just what we needed.

Mackenzie Stretton, Australia, ex-GoToMeeting user

Our audience is engaged and happy, thank you OnSync!

Navgurd Gurharm, India, ex-GoToMeeting user

Since we are using OnSync we prefer to have online meetings over regular meetings.

Philippe Savard, France, ex-GoToMeeting user

Discovering OnSync was one of the best things that happened to our company.

Ryan Dawson, UK, ex-GoToMeeting user

OnSync is an incredibly powerful and beautiful tool.

OnSync has the most carefully designed interface in the industry. High Quality video conference, file sharing and remote control available at a single click. It is fun to use and makes your presentations look even more professional.

OnSync's versatility makes it the ideal tool for meetings, webinars, elearning.
Our advanced video conferencing engine will have you marvel at the quality of both voice and video, all directly from your browser and without the need to download any software.

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